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  Subject: 1) form date and time 2) + signs in the output data file
  Posted: 01/25/2004 at 5:54:21 am
  By: fabio

First of all many thanks for this nice script.

I have got two questions:
The date and time is not complete in the form I receive.
This happens both when I use the default Sendmail script ...
print MAIL "The form below was submited by $formdata{'email'} form Ip address: $ENV{'REMOTE_ADDR'} on $monthnameactual $dayofmonth, $year at $newhour:$newmin\n";

...I get
The form below was submited by fabio@icciaus.com form Ip address: on 25, at -12:39

(there is no month, year and the time is wrong)

And also when I change variables ...
print MAIL "Date: $dayofmonth/$monthnamenum/$year at $newhour:$newmin\n";

... I get
Date: 25/1/ at -12:39
(there is no year and the time is wrong)

Is there any way to receive the complete and proper date and time?

2) + SIGNS in the output data file

When I complete fields in the form containing two or more words I get a + sign between the words, such as "John+Smith","02+9265+6754",etc., in the output data file.
Is there anyway the spaces can stay as they are and not to be converted into + sign?

Many thanks !!!

  Subject: Re: 1) form date and time 2) + signs in the output data file
  Posted: 01/27/2004 at 3:37:07 pm
  By: Seth Knorr

Yes there actualy was an error that was apearing on some servers with the date. I fixed this so if you download and re-install should fix it.

Also the + sign problem, should also be fixed. This was a function that was recently updated.


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