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  Subject: first time user questions
  Posted: 01/08/2004 at 9:00:38 am
  By: stebonhuff

I an trying to set up bizmail for the first time. The Form error works fine but I am not getting the email sent and the success page is showing the cgi test rather than passing on to the htm page. You can try it at www.mwbuilders.com/contact.

Oce again I am not receiving the email the autoresponse is not sending and the success page does not display correctly. I have chmod everything to 777 for testing.

Any help would be appreciated.

  Subject: never mind
  Posted: 01/08/2004 at 11:10:21 am
  By: stebonhuff

I was doing the chmod, but didn't realize my ISP was blocking it. I have requested their tech support to set the permissions correctly.


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