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  Subject: No minus ("-") allowed in the E-Mail address?
  Posted: 01/25/2004 at 5:33:11 am
  By: basic


I setup bizmail.cgi to sent formdata to an e-mail address containing a minus ("-"). This is generating errors on my mailserver (mDaemon v6.8.5). However, if I change the e-mail address back to one, without minus, everything seems to work perfect.

Do I need to replace the minus with an escape-character (like \n for return)??

hello@bla.com does work

hello-hello@bla.com doesn't work

hello@bla-bla.com doesn't work either

I hope anybody can help me out on this. I'm configuring this script for a friend and his domainname contains a minus, so it isn't an option to use another e-mail address instead.

Thanks in advance!


  Subject: Re: No minus
  Posted: 01/27/2004 at 1:23:38 pm
  By: Seth Knorr

Well firstly I tested it on my end and works fine. It sounds like it is an internal server problem. I would check with your system admin, or host on the problem.


  Subject: Re: No minus
  Posted: 01/27/2004 at 1:38:08 pm
  By: basic


Thanks for your reply.

The mailserver (mDaemon v6.8.5) is running on a Windows2000 Advanced Server machine. If I use a regular email-client like Outlook, this problem doesn't exists.

However, if mails are being sent using bizmail, and the email-address contains a minus, everything gots messed up. If I change the address in bizmail.cgi to one without a minus, everything is working fine.

This makes me think, the problem is caused by the way bizmail handles smtp emails.

It will be possible for me to create a workaround, so it's not a big issue. I just want you to know that this 'problem' exists (at least at my site). If you like, I can send you the logfile of my mailserver for analysing purposes. Just let me know in case.


  Subject: Re: No minus
  Posted: 01/27/2004 at 3:31:44 pm
  By: Seth Knorr

I do apreciate the information always. It is a good fact to know you are on a Windows server as I am testing it on a Linux Server so there may be an error there. I will have to test it.

Bizmail does convert - to a non executable format so people can not remove or manipulate your files. So it re-formats it just slightly but it still should work.

The only solution in your case would be to take out that functionality, but then you would not have a high level of security with the script, and it is something I would not recommend.


  Subject: Re: No minus
  Posted: 01/28/2004 at 3:17:55 am
  By: basic

I think security is more important than funtionality, so I won't remove this converting step.

Currently I'm at my work and don't have access to my logfiles. I'll post them here tonight as I got back home.

If there isn't a solution, I can eventually create an alias on my mailserver (which doesn't contain a minus) and configure it to forward all incoming mails to another address. However, I prefer to get things working without using such workarounds :)



  Subject: Re: No minus
  Posted: 01/28/2004 at 11:46:43 am
  By: basic


I promised to post the logfiles from my mailserver here, but I'm having troubles using the script so mails aren't sent at all.

This is the cgi error that shows up in my browser:

CGI Error
The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers. The headers it did return are:

Can't call method "mail" on an undefined value at smtp.cgi line 79.

I'm receiving this error since I replaced the bizmail.cgi file, with your updated one (see: http://www.bizmailform.com/messageboard/view.phtml?thread=116).



  Subject: Re: No minus (solved)
  Posted: 01/29/2004 at 11:13:31 am
  By: basic


After installing the updated v1.9 release, everything works fine now! Thank you very much!!


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