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  Subject: Buggy E-mail and Success Page Not Working
  Posted: 03/17/2004 at 5:26:47 pm
  By: werper


I found your script and if I can get it to work, it will do everything I need it to and then some -- it looks really excellent! However, I'm experiencing some strange problems:

Form data is only being sent to the CC address, not the Send To address or Reply To address entered in the form submission.

Also, if I try using the success.pl script, after submitting my test form, it takes me to a blank (seemingly stalled) page with the follwing URL: http://www.gluedots.com/cgi-bin/success.pl?p=1&firstname=Thomas

(I did set the perl path in the success.pl script.)

If I comment out the success page code in the form, the script displays the default success message correctly. However, I need to have a custom success page displayed that matches the site.

One thing that is working correctly is the data file - no problems there! :-)

The URL to the script is:


The URL to the test form is:

It is running on a Windows 2000 server using SMTP. I downloaded Windows version 2 of Bizmail. Since I do receive the CC e-mail, I assume the smtp config is correctly working, and it does send to external domains as well. File permissions in the cgi-bin should be set corectly.

Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Tom Bardenwerper

  Subject: Re: Buggy E-mail and Success Page Not Working
  Posted: 03/18/2004 at 8:25:20 am
  By: Seth Knorr

1. Did you configure the success.html page which was in the "success cgi-bin" in the zip file. This should be configured, after reading the success readme file and uploaded to your cgi-bin, when using the success page module.

Also is the email address that you are trying to send to, as the "send_to" a local email address on the server or is it a third party, or non associated with your server/web hosting company.

It could be that they only alow mail realaying if the email address is controlled by themselves. Check with your host on this. It is realy the only thing that would explain this problem.


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