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  Subject: Auto Response Email
  Posted: 03/20/2004 at 2:02:49 am
  By: Biscuits

How can I get the date to appear in the body of the Auto Response Email ?


  Subject: Re: Auto Response Email
  Posted: 03/21/2004 at 3:34:17 am
  By: Biscuits

Also, how can I disable the thank you page as it is interfering with the form details from being sent to a secure server for on-line payments ?


  Subject: Re: Auto Response Email
  Posted: 03/22/2004 at 6:24:21 am
  By: Seth Knorr

1. There actualy is not a way to make the date and time apear in the auto response email. Unless you put a hidden field in the form which post the date and time and you use these as personalization tags.

HOWEVER... This is a realy good idea, that I had not thought of. I am about to release version 2.1 of this script that will be even more powerfull than this script. I will include that feature in that version. Should be up by friday.

also your second question on disabling the THANK YOU PAGE.

I am not sure what you mean by THANK YOU PAGE so I will field it with several answers.

1. If you mean just in general the hidden field "success_page" which send the form poster to a THANK YOU PAGE, you could just leave this field out of your form, and then the form poster would be sent to the default bizmail.cgi success page.

2. if you mean how do I get rid of information on the TEMPLATE success page, using the success.cgi module. Just edit the success.html page.

Either way when the form is completed the user has to be sent somewhere.


  Subject: Re: Auto Response Email
  Posted: 03/22/2004 at 7:51:19 pm
  By: Biscuits

Thanks Seth for your reply.
The date/time inclusion will be much appreciated.
I have solved the "success_page" problem.
However I have one other problem.
I design & maintain a website for a friend that uses a shopping cart.
At present all emails from the site are in plain text, and I am hoping to use your script to make the emails more professional.

The problem is that the shopping cart sends the order as one field - order_email
The script that captured this and produced the email uses the code :-
$body .= "$FORM{'order_email'}\r\n";
( I don't know if the above will be stripped by this message )
This then arrives in text format with the order broken down into individual elements.
When I use bizmail it stays in one chunk showing the escaped line breaks.

If you try the main site at
you will receive the plain text reply that shows the order broken down from the one field ( The order process is in two parts, the first sends an email and then you are redirected to the secure server for payment. You can then cancel there, so you don't need to input any card details )

I am trying bizmail at www.motivepower.net.au/squigstar

You will see the difference in the email you receive.

Hoping you can help on this.
I will arrange a donation if we can resolve this

Tony Graham

  Subject: Re: Auto Response Email
  Posted: 03/22/2004 at 7:57:50 pm
  By: Biscuits

Ah, the code came through OK, so here is the code in the shopping cart.

function paySys() {
var f = document.payForm;

if(coreFrame.secureUrl != "") {
f.action = coreFrame.secureUrl;
} else {
f.action = "http://www.railscenes.com.au/cgi-bin/bizmail.cgi";
f.target = "_top";
f.method = "post";
var ordGen = new orderFrame.generateOrder(); // instanciate the order generator
ordGen.init(); // one-time init
ordGen.lineBreak = "\<BR>"; // escaped line breaks
ordGen.ordRefNum = "SQUIG-" + ordGen.ordRefNum; // modified ordRefNum
var s = ordGen.getOrderText(); // get the order

Originally the ordGen.lineBreak = "\<BR>"; used to read ordGen.lineBreak = "\\n"; but I changed it to the <BR> hoping to make it work for html mail


  Subject: Re: Auto Response Email
  Posted: 03/23/2004 at 7:57:45 am
  By: Seth Knorr

Tony, I went to your form page, but I received an error page that said I either did not have JAVA installed, or the lattest version of IE, or I can not view frames. I am not sure why I could not view the page, as my computer has all of these.

I will check into it and post back when I can get something.


  Subject: Re: Auto Response Email
  Posted: 03/23/2004 at 9:36:29 am
  By: Biscuits

My apologies Seth

The shopping cart system requires frames, & I am using an old Dreamweaver tag to open the site in a window without the address bar, etc ( for enhanced viewing without as many scroll bars ).
Have only had a hand full of customers that could not access the site because of this, but I see I need to fix this prob.
Would you mind telling me which browser you are using ?

Another way into the test site that is using your script is :-

I have found out on one of the frame pages that I can use " " to generate a space in the response email ( will upload that page later today - have only tested it on another test page )

Is there a substitute that I can use for <BR> ?

Well & truly time to hit the sack in Oz.
Where abouts are you?
I am in the Blue Mountains, just outside Sydney Australia.


  Subject: Re: Auto Response Email
  Posted: 03/23/2004 at 9:44:35 am
  By: Biscuits

the tag to generate the space was nbsp with the & character prior and ; after
but was taken as a space naturally in this thread

  Subject: Re: Auto Response Email
  Posted: 03/24/2004 at 5:35:29 am
  By: Seth Knorr

I am using Internet Explorer 6.0.2600.0000

Anyway I do see what you are saying. However for whatever reason, the top part of the auto-response email comes out just fine.

There would be a way to fix this. However what is the NAME="" of the form field that is sending all the information?

Let me know and then I will tell you how to correct this.


  Subject: Re: Auto Response Email
  Posted: 03/25/2004 at 5:43:23 am
  By: Biscuits

I have come up with a work-around, which I will post to you shortly.
As I said earlier, the code in the on-line store only allows certain variables & I may not be able to produce the line break between individual items ( but still working on that :-) )

What I have been able to achieve so far with your script is WOW......

Motive Power Publications will be sending you a gift when the owner arrives back from USA next week.


  Subject: Re: Auto Response Email
  Posted: 03/25/2004 at 6:37:11 am
  By: Seth Knorr

What I would do on the <br> formatting problem is create a seperate hidden form field for each, and then put the values of each of those fields on the form. Then use thos fields to personalize the auto-response message.


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