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  Subject: Auto reply message
  Posted: 04/10/2004 at 2:49:16 pm
  By: richard

I have 2 forms on my site (www.acwebdesign.net), everything works great, the www.acwebdesign.net/webdform.html and the www.acwebdesign.net/cu.html forms shoots off the auto reply message fine..

However, when I tested it on my AOL account, the webdform shoot off a auto reply message fine, but the cu.html from didn't shoot off a auto reply from.


  Subject: Re: Auto reply message
  Posted: 04/12/2004 at 1:32:31 pm
  By: Seth Knorr

Ok, I tested it and works fine. The problem could be;

AOL saw the same email message twice and thought it spam and deleted it. You never know. AOL how very different SPAM and email filters than all other email providers. It also could be it just took longer than ushual due to server backups. I know it took me about 15 Minutes to get my auto response back, and ushualy it only takes about 1 minute - 30 seconds.


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