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  Subject: formerror.html modification
  Posted: 04/17/2004 at 9:14:42 pm
  By: kokanee

Hello Seth,

Fantastic script!

Works great, but I am struggling on one part of the formerror.html page that I have modified to my skin of website.

In your README, it shows examples for checkboxes and for drop down menus, but not radio buttons or textarea.

I got my Countries drop down menu to bring over the info from the regular form, but I can not fiqure out the coding for radio box and textarea migration of data to the formerror.html page.

Please look at http://www.currencyconnect.net/request_test.htm

Any hints would greatly appreciated.



  Subject: Re: formerror.html modification
  Posted: 04/17/2004 at 11:38:42 pm
  By: Seth Knorr

Good question. Actualy thinking about it radio boxes are not supported. I will have to add this in an update. However with textarea boxes, you would use:
<textarea name="something">

I will try to update this soon,


  Subject: Re: formerror.html modification
  Posted: 04/18/2004 at 6:54:29 pm
  By: Seth Knorr

I updated the script for you. Just re-download bizmailform version 2.1, then just re-upload required.cgi

You can read the readme and it will explain how to configure the radio. HOWEVER it is realy just like the select code only instead: <%RADIO%FORMNAME {FORMVALUE}%>


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