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  Subject: /puPremature end of script headers: /home/newleafblic_html/cgi-bin/bizmail
  Posted: 04/20/2004 at 6:30:28 am
  By: Scaggs

My script doesn't work and this is the error i get in the error log file on the server

Premature end of script headers: /home/newleaf/public_html/cgi-bin/bizmail

any clues to what is wrong?
I followed all the basics, \before the @ sign - running on apache server and using sendmail and usr/bin/perl is correct.

script refuses to work.

  Subject: Re: /puPremature end of script headers: /home/newleafblic_html/cgi-bin/bizmail
  Posted: 04/21/2004 at 6:28:13 am
  By: Seth Knorr

It could then be a couple of things:

Did you upload the MIME folder to the cgi-bin and chmod the MIME folder and Lite.pm which is located in this folder to 777.

This the first basic, also have you changed the script in anyway other than what you are supposed to configure. Make sure you did not acidently delete any code.

Also if you are on windows server, you will need to download and configure the windows version of the script.

Also if none of this works, or you already checked everything and it is still not working... post back to this message. check with your host and ask them to get you what the error log says WITH THE INCLUDED LINE NUMBER OF THE ERROR, This will enable me to realy pin point the problem.


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