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  Subject: Delineate data?
  Posted: 05/05/2004 at 10:21:12 am
  By: a8nguyen

Hi Seth,

Thanks so much for the script. It's been a great help. I do have a question though: I'm curious as to how I can modify the script to add commas to delineate the data into Excel.

You see, users pick days (with check boxes) as to which meal they'd like to attend. Your wonderful script writes "true" to boxes that have been checked, but it doesn't add commas in the dat file to where the unchecked boxes should be. This would be great in delineating data so I can see what meals they want to go to and which ones they don't.


  Subject: Re: Delineate data?
  Posted: 05/05/2004 at 12:58:40 pm
  By: Seth Knorr

The problem is that Internet explorer and netscape dont pick up CHECKBOXES as fields if they are left un-checked. This obviously creates a problem. So you need to use the HIDDEN field "outputfile"

JUST specify each field name you want written to your data file and seperate each field name with a coma. An example is below:

<input type="hidden" name="outputfile" value="email,firstname,lastname,phone,work_phone,alt_phone,country,date,ipaddress">

This is also explained further in depth in the help file in the download zip.


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