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  Subject: SMTP Problem
  Posted: 05/22/2004 at 5:47:34 pm
  By: ronny

Hi, I have to use SMTP as my server doesnt support sendmail, however i get the following error:

CGI Error
The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers. The headers it did return are:

String found where operator expected at C:\webspace\reseller\web00691\hasmonean.co.uk\www\cgi-bin\feedback.cgi line 255, near "$value =~ s/%([a-fA-F0-9][a-fA-F0-9])/pack(""
(Might be a runaway multi-line "" string starting on line 239)
(Missing semicolon on previous line?)
String found where operator expected at C:\webspace\reseller\web00691\hasmonean.co.uk\www\cgi-bin\feedback.cgi line 255, near "C", hex($1))/eg;

Out of memory!

Any ideas?

THanks alot

  Subject: Update: NOT SMTP Problem
  Posted: 05/23/2004 at 1:12:32 am
  By: jjl109

Hi. I am a friend of Ronny's working on the same site.
The problem above has been rectified (I was using Dreamweaver as a text editor but for some reason it seemed to be changing code where it shouldn't have, so I'm using Notepad now with a fresh verion of the code).

I am using a later version of the form now, the one which uses bizmail.pl rather than feedback.cgi as above. The SMTP works fine.

However, after submitting the form, the success page is blank, the autoresponse email is blank, and no email is sent containing the form results. (Also the data file is not updated but that may be a secondary issue - maybe to do with permissions on the server. The server is a Windows one)

It is interestig to note that in the blank autoresponse email, the from address contains only the name "Hasmonean High School" and not the address "webmaster@hasmonean.co.uk" as it should. The script seems to be ignoring the send_to address altogether as it doesnt send the results email either. I have double-checked everything, I've got the \ before the @ sign etc etc.

The form is at www.hasmonean.co.uk/bin/feedback3.htm and the bizmail cgi is at www.hasmonean.co.uk/cgi-bin/bizmail.pl

This form has previously worked on another server, which had its own smtp, and was using an older version of bizmail. I can't help thinking it's somthing to do with the server, the way its reading the code.

This is a little similar to the post "Blank Auto-response body", however I have tried all the relevant suggestions there to no avail.

Your help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


  Subject: Re: SMTP Problem
  Posted: 05/24/2004 at 7:50:58 am
  By: jjl109

Hi again.

Many of the above problems have now been sorted out - it was to do with the server - the cgi files had to be in the root folder not a cgi-bin.

However, there is still a problem which is that the script will still not email the results of the form. It is still not seeing the send_to address.



  Subject: Re: SMTP Problem
  Posted: 05/24/2004 at 8:20:26 am
  By: Seth Knorr

Ok, the sendto problem is a big one on windows servers it seems.

the proper format for a from or to email is

"name" <email>

However windows for whatever reason does not read this.

You should see in the bizmail.pl a section:

#----- F R O M N A M E F O R M A T -----#

$from_name_format = "\"$reply_from_name\" <$FINAL_sendto>";


#$from_name_format = "$FINAL_sendto";


#----- F R O M N A M E F O R M A T -----#

#$from_name_format = "\"$reply_from_name\" <$FINAL_sendto>";


$from_name_format = "$FINAL_sendto";

  Subject: Re: SMTP Problem
  Posted: 05/24/2004 at 11:26:31 am
  By: jjl109

Thanx but I'm afraid that isn't the problem - that was the first thing I tried!

(Coincidentally that problem seems to have developed on its own now - the confirmation email now only comes if I do the above! But that is a secondary problem - maybe only temporary)

For some reason the send_to address is not being seen. If I fill in the form with the same address as the send_to address, i.e. webmaster@hasmonean.co.uk, I can confirm the problem since I get a delivery failure message back to webmaster@hasmonean.co.uk which contains the form results email that I should have got, and reports that it couldn't deliver to "Hasmonean High School"@equinoxit.net. This happens because the email tried to send itself simply to "Hasmonean High School", and it ignored the actual address part <webmaster@hasmonean.co.uk>.

I have even tried replacing the variables in the part of the cgi code where it sends the email, with the actual address instead of the send_to variable and it still doesn't work!

Any other ideas?

Thanks for your help,


  Subject: Re: SMTP Problem
  Posted: 06/11/2004 at 8:19:46 pm
  By: Aprilia94

I'm having the same problem, I did the suggestions above with same results. I have moved everything into the wwwroot directory and now at least I get the email message with the "thank you, we're working on it" message, but the FROM column is blank. I even tried to hit the reply button to see if it would know it anyway with no luck. I'm on a Windows 2003 server. Something different about Windows 2000-2003 servers is there is no need for a cgi-bin and there is no perl address and there is no sendmail.

  Subject: Re: SMTP Problem
  Posted: 06/14/2004 at 8:58:32 am
  By: Seth Knorr

What is the error your error log gives you?


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