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  Subject: sendto vs cc_to
  Posted: 07/19/2004 at 7:27:45 pm
  By: v4v

I have the form processing mostly working. The data is entered in the data base correctly and the data is sent to the 'cc_to' address but is not sent to the 'sendto' address.

Same thing happens using either the .cgi or the .pl

If I swap the 'sendto' and the 'cc_to' addresses, the data still goes to the 'cc_to' address.

In both .pl and .cgi scrips I have:
$sendto{"1"} = "pauline\@cox.net";
$cc_to{"1"} = "garmco\@cox.net";

In both forms I have:
<input name ="sendto" type=hidden value="1">
<input name ="cc_to" type=hidden value="1">

I'm on a windows server at Nexpoint.net

The form using cgi is at:
and the form using pl is at:

Probably a server problem, but thought I would ask.


  Subject: Re: sendto vs cc_to
  Posted: 07/19/2004 at 7:48:35 pm
  By: Seth Knorr


That was really my fault. When I created the script I set the send to on the form as;

<input type="hidden" name="send_to" value="1">

You need the _ between the send_to.


  Subject: Re: sendto vs cc_to
  Posted: 07/20/2004 at 9:32:51 am
  By: v4v

OK - I changed the "sendto" to 'send_to"
in both the cgi and pl based forms.

I did not change anything in either script.

Get the same result. No email to the send_to address, but always to the cc_to address.

Have tried a bunch of different addresses but always the same result.

I can live with getting only one email but it would be nice to get both.

  Subject: Re: sendto vs cc_to
  Posted: 07/21/2004 at 1:09:38 pm
  By: Seth Knorr

It depends. Is the email address that you are testing the form with the same as the sendto? It could be a spam filter issue.


  Subject: Re: sendto vs cc_to
  Posted: 07/22/2004 at 8:31:16 am
  By: v4v

I've tried several addresses in the sento and none have worked.

And if I swap sendto and cc_to addresses only the cc_to continues to work.

Sounds a lot like the problem in the post a couple before this one.


  Subject: Re: sendto vs cc_to
  Posted: 07/22/2004 at 8:32:23 am
  By: v4v

Forgot to mention that I did get the email from your submission - to the cc_to address.


  Subject: Re: sendto vs cc_to
  Posted: 07/23/2004 at 9:58:15 am
  By: Seth Knorr

The only thing I can think of is when you where configuring the script you may have accidentaly deleted some code. I would probably try re-dowloading and configuring.

It would be the only logical answer.


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