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  Subject: <%...%> not appearing on success page
  Posted: 07/25/2004 at 4:56:37 pm
  By: tbartels

The script is working fine, but I can't get the <%...%> text to appear on the success page. The {...} text appears in the address line of the browser after the ?p=1, but not on the success.html page where the associated <%...%> tags are.

  Subject: Re: <%...%> not appearing on success page
  Posted: 07/26/2004 at 9:51:58 am
  By: Seth Knorr

On line 291 you should see a line:

## $value =~ s|\&|\& amp\;|g; # convert all '&' to "& a m p ;" (must be first)

You un-commented this line. It needs to stay commented or else the success page will not work.

Because variables are seperated by "&" on the general internet GET method.

When you uncomment that line you are converting "&" to "& a m p ;" thus, not seperating variables, and creating one long variable.

once you correct that you will be all set.


  Subject: Re: <%...%> not appearing on success page
  Posted: 08/03/2004 at 5:35:53 pm
  By: dracomagi

I have the same plroblem and the referanced line is commented

  Subject: Re: <%...%> not appearing on success page
  Posted: 08/04/2004 at 5:50:52 am
  By: Seth Knorr

dracomagi, you need to read the readme file on how the success page works. You are calling an html page as your success page, you need to call the cgi page, that then in turns calls the html page.


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