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  Subject: Option select on formerror page.
  Posted: 09/11/2004 at 10:00:35 am
  By: noelk

Hi Seth
I have spent a gret deal of time configuring my pages to use bizmail.cgi (Excellent Script!). My problem is if a required field is not completed on the form and the formerror page is loaded, the option select fields don't carry forward the selected option but instead default to the last value for that select. ie 31/12/2004.

  Subject: Re: Option select on formerror page.
  Posted: 09/14/2004 at 9:36:09 am
  By: Seth Knorr

The reason why you are strugling is because you have not set the formerror.html page up properly.

This page should look exactly like your original form, with the additional personalization tags attached. If you read the readme.txt file, there is a complete section explaining how to set this up.

On the select boxes you are not configuring these properly, and it shows many selections on the first page, and only one on the error page. They need to have just as many selections. this is also explained in the readme.


  Subject: Re: Option select on formerror page.
  Posted: 09/14/2004 at 2:32:01 pm
  By: noelk

Thanks for the reply.

I discovered my silly error.
<Option value="01"<%SEL%Arrival_Day%{_01}%>>01</Option> was what I had instead of
<Option value="01"<%SEL%Arrival_Day {_01}%>>01</Option>
Form works great now.

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