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  Subject: Stops Writing to Data File
  Posted: 01/14/2005 at 7:53:44 am
  By: thebobman

This is starting to get pretty frustrating. I'm running IIS 5.1 on a XP Pro box with ActivePerl. For a while the machine would run okay, but then it would only write to the 2nd data file and now it won't write to any of them despite making them as open and unsecured as possible! this is driving me bonkers, is there something I'm missing?

  Subject: Re: Stops Writing to Data File
  Posted: 02/16/2005 at 6:41:10 am
  By: Seth Knorr

XP is probably not your best OS for running the script, but it is probably a permissions problem. You need to make sure the data file is read write and executable for all.


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