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  Subject: IF radio button selected, then required field from drop-down?
  Posted: 02/10/2005 at 12:27:30 pm
  By: bmlord

Hi, this script is fantastic, thank you. My only problem is this (may not be possible):
- In one area of my form, I would like the user select type of payment.

- They ave two choices: Credit Card or Check (I have them setup as radio buttons)

- The Credit Card radio button is followed by a drop down for Card Type (mc or visa) and drop downs for expiration date.

- Right now, I have the name="payment_type" set as required, so they must chose either credit card OR check

- However, is there a way to make it so if they chose the Credit Card radio button, only then do the related fileds become required (card type, exp date, etc)???

- Basically, I wish I could do an "if" statement, which would say: if, and only if, Credit Card is selected, card type and expiration date is required. If Check is selected as payment_type, then card type and exp date are not required.

I'm not sure this is possible, but i figured if anyone could help, Seth could!

Thanks either way.

  Subject: Re: IF radio button selected, then required field from drop-down?
  Posted: 02/16/2005 at 6:28:17 am
  By: Seth Knorr

Good question. This is posible, but you would have to do some custom programming to the bizmail.cgi script wich is past the scope of general help...


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