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  Subject: securing bizmail.dat
  Posted: 02/13/2005 at 7:58:51 am
  By: chris

Hello, Seth I am wondering if there is any way to make bizmail.dat completely secure. I am not emailing the form results anywhere, just sending an acknowledgement email. I love this script, seems quite good to me.

  Subject: Re: securing bizmail.dat
  Posted: 02/13/2005 at 4:56:06 pm
  By: chris

I guess I already have secured it as well as possible with htaccess htpasswd, wish I could know for sure.

  Subject: Re: securing bizmail.dat
  Posted: 02/16/2005 at 6:15:55 am
  By: Seth Knorr

Yes, you can either .htpasswd it if that works on your server, or generaly on most servers if the .dat file is located in your cgi-bin, it is unaccessible by the outside world.


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