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  Subject: Reply Email Difficulties
  Posted: 03/18/2005 at 5:48:31 pm
  By: savanagan


Thank you for the awesome script. After changing hosts twice, I finally got most everything working. Two problems and one other question:

The biggest problem is that my plain text reply email is copying the html from html.mes and posting it at the top of the message. I checked to make sure I hadn't inadvertantly copied the html into the plain.mes file. The only thing I could find was in the bizmail.cgi file on line 781 there is something about plain.mes and html? Could that be doing something? I checked a clean version of bizmail.cgi and it was there too.

The second thing is that my drop-down box of states doesn't work correctly when one goes to the error page. It puts "Selected" before the selected state name and doesn't actually select it.

The other thing is also on the error page, this is really nit-picky and I am sorry but it bothers me. The message, whether the email address is missing or is incorrect is "Your E-mail Address Incorrectly Formatted" (I realize the first part is mine) and I found some stuff in required.cgi.

Great Script, it does do exactly what I need it to do and it is so versitile. Thank you again.
Matt Thompson
FORM: bidabaloo.com/contact
SCRIPT: bidabaloo.com/cgi-bin/bizmail.cgi

  Subject: Re: Reply Email Difficulties
  Posted: 04/05/2005 at 6:05:05 am
  By: Seth Knorr

1. make sure that you have set the message format correctly.

2. On everything else post the url to your html form, and I will take a look at it...

On the email error, in a latter release I may redo that...


  Subject: Re: Reply Email Difficulties
  Posted: 04/09/2005 at 10:31:19 am
  By: savanagan


Thank you for the reply.
The form is located at http://www.bidabaloo.com/contact.htm and the script is at http://www.bidabaloo.com/cgi-bin/bizmail.cgi

If I can't figure out the plain text / html message problem I am just going to go with html as it always works fine - I had just wanted to give clients a choice. I had tried just setting the form to use plain text but it was still picking up the html!

Thanks for your help
Matt Thompson

  Subject: Re: Reply Email Difficulties
  Posted: 04/13/2005 at 10:15:20 am
  By: Seth Knorr

Your code looks right it should be working....


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