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  Subject: SELECT field and EMAIL format (2 problems)
  Posted: 04/08/2005 at 10:47:00 am
  By: huh

BizMail is great. Thank you!

(1) Can't seem to find the correct formatting to get a required drop-down field to transmit SELECTED choice to the formerror.html.

I've tried many combinations, but have returned to the following:


<select name="project_type" <%REQ%project_type%>>
<option value="website"<%SEL%project_type {_website}%>>website</option>
<option value="web page"<%SEL%project_type {_web_page}%>>web page</option>

WEB PAGE: form field entered normally with no additional tags, other than the entry into the HIDDEN field with the other required field names.

(2) Somehow some valid email addresses are returning FORMATTING ERROR in the formerror.html. For example my personal address which begins with 2 letters and ends in .org.

The temp location of the draft form is at: http://www.docfixer.com///order-1k.htm


  Subject: Re: SELECT field and EMAIL format (2 problems)
  Posted: 04/13/2005 at 10:01:56 am
  By: Seth Knorr

maybe try CHANGING select name="project_type"
select name="projecttype"
I dont think this is the problem, but it may be on your server.

for your email is the field name="email" ?


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