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  Subject: Re: valid emails not processing...
  Posted: 04/19/2005 at 5:21:09 pm
  By: huh

Hi Seth. Hope you're feeling better.

I've been trying everything I can think of to figure this out, but so far no change. Filling in a valid email address in the "email" text field has only successfully processed a few times. But each time it goes to the formerror.html page, the same email address (left unchanged) processes fine 100% of the time. I've checked the pages against your earlier suggestion and seemed to eliminated field name as a problem. And it would seem that since the server is processing fine from the formerror script, that server issues seem to be eliminated (unless it's some kind of permissions thing or something).


<input name="email" type="text" id="name5" value="(required)" onFocus="value="" size="40" maxlength="60">

<! -- note that the "value=(required)" is a workaround, as well as removing the <REQ%email%> tag from the following formerror.html page -->

<input type="text" size="50" name="email" value="<%email%>" onFocus="value="" maxlength="50">


I love the script. It has everything one could ask for (and is a complete education for us non-programmers, and well worth the time to get it going).

There are a few minor issues which I've come across, which, for user feedback, will be posted later.

Many thanks again for the script. Hope you can help.

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