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  Subject: Weird hang on script, HELP!
  Posted: 04/24/2005 at 7:40:26 pm
  By: piecewise

Well, first I received Internal Service 500 errors saying the script header ended prematurely. I fixed this by changing .cgi files to .pl files (for novice.cgi --- trying it out on bizmail.cgi now). That worked great.

If I call the perl script from the standard form, everything works great and I get an email. (Example: http://www.chriswinnconsulting.com/psi/form.html).

If, however, I call it from the page where I actually use it.. it just hangs.. and hangs... and never follows to the success page. (Ex: http://www.chriswinnconsulting.com/contact.htm)

And yet the only differences I see are in the form items I'm trying to capture. Everything else about the form is exactly the same.

The same thing seems to be happening in bizmail. Anyone experience this? Clearly it has nothing to do with the perl script or sendmail - since the only change is the HTML doc.

  Subject: UPDATE...
  Posted: 04/24/2005 at 8:01:49 pm
  By: piecewise

bizmail hangs, too. The weird thing is that on one occassion, I received an email with the bizmail plain text template. But it never responded with any sort of success confirmation or followed to the success_page. It just loads. And loads. And loads. Forever.

  Subject: UPDATE 2...
  Posted: 04/24/2005 at 9:06:11 pm
  By: piecewise

So it sends the email and writes to the .dat file (though there can be a delay) - but it NEVER reaches the success page. In fact, you can leave it "connecting" for 5 minutes and nothing. One time, it finally did change pages --- back to a server error page that said, script header ended prematurely. D'oh!!

  Subject: UPDATE 3...
  Posted: 04/24/2005 at 11:27:35 pm
  By: piecewise

Well I never expected to troubleshoot all night. Here's the deal. For novice.pl, used here: [http://www.chriswinnconsulting.com/contact.htm] -- if I limit the number of form fields to 6, it works. More than that, it just stalls indefinitely.
bizmail is still not close to working correctly, even with a limited number of fields....

  Subject: Re: Weird hang on script, HELP!
  Posted: 04/28/2005 at 2:52:07 pm
  By: Seth Knorr

Sound like:
a. a server load problem
b. the URL to the success page is incorrect, so it is unable to load it and it is causing problems...


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