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  Subject: Send to another email address
  Posted: 05/17/2005 at 12:55:02 am
  By: kingy

Is it possible that once the form has been submitted for the script to send an email to another address but not contain the form details.
The form with details goes to the main recipient but another mail is sent to another recipient but without the message. Similar to Carbon Copy but the copy has no details in it?
Hope I have explained myself correctly.
Thanking you for your support

  Subject: Re: Send to another email address
  Posted: 06/03/2005 at 6:08:13 am
  By: Seth Knorr

Well you could use the Autoreply feature, and just have that sent to them in a personalized fashion....

You would just have to set that persons email in the <name=email> field, and just make this field hidden....


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