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  Subject: Two Quick Questions
  Posted: 06/29/2005 at 1:28:01 pm
  By: church13

First I would like to tell you that this is a great script. I had it up and running very quickly. I just have 2 quick questions.

1. I am using the custom formerror. How can I change the error text color at the top? I have been playing with the scripts but cant seem to get it to work. I may be in the wrong place.

2. On the form I added 2 text areas. But can not get them to transfer to the formerror page? I added the <%B%item%> etc. to the page but they show up blank?

Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Thanks again for the great script!


  Subject: Re: Two Quick Questions
  Posted: 10/18/2005 at 3:13:13 pm
  By: Seth Knorr

Textarea is personalized just like a input type="text" field.

I am not sure what you are asking on question 1?


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