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  Subject: Data is added to Database, but user sees 500 Error
  Posted: 08/09/2005 at 8:00:37 am
  By: lennie76

I've used some basic form to mail scripts before with good luck, but now, the boss man wants more from me.

Here's where the site is temporarily staged (http://salient.lennienelson.com/) hosted on yahoo/geocities.
After data is entered in the form, the data is added to the db, but nothing happens from there.

I've spent 2 hours readign hints on here and attempting various fixes, maybe there is some thing I am missing.

Please help

  Subject: Re: Data is added to Database, but user sees 500 Error
  Posted: 10/18/2005 at 2:57:48 pm
  By: Seth Knorr

What do you mean by "nothing happens from there."

If you are looking for a fix, I need actual the actual problems you are running into...


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