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  Subject: Two Errors : formerror and attachment ??
  Posted: 08/09/2005 at 12:05:40 pm
  By: quick77

Everything works great so far beside these two issues:

1) when setting bizmail.cgi and adding the value line in my form to use the formerror.html, when clicking sumbit, I get an Internal Server Error page with a 404. If I try to see the formerror.html file in a browser using the complete url (to cgi-bin), it gives me the same Error page. I tried posting the formerror.html elsewhere on the server with a complete url in the bizmail.cgi and get the same error page!! Please help me as I would really like to be able to use a custom formerror.html page (I would prefer to have the missing field appear in bold instead of an actual error page asking to go back).

2) For sending an attachment, as soon as I change the value to 1 in bizmail.cgi, I get the Error page when clicking submit. My bizmail.cgi is setup ok, I think (pdf file is in the "pdf" dir). I read the readme file several times but I'm not sure I understand everything ok yet. It says there's 3 variables to change, but really there's 4 with the extra "$att_content_type" line which I have no clue what it's for! But still it's already all setup for a pdf, so attaching a pdf should work! Is it possible there is something missing in the script itself ?

And while at it, it would be nice to have several different attachment possibilities. Since we can create different forms with different .mes, success and sentto, shouldn't there be a way to attach different files for different forms?

Thanks for any help.
(my test page can be seen at www.clubduphysicien.com/disclaimer.php)

And keep up the good work.

  Subject: Re: Two Errors : formerror and attachment ??
  Posted: 10/18/2005 at 3:03:31 pm
  By: Seth Knorr

I am not sure what your problem is on the formerror.html... I would read the readme more... It seems like you may not understand how that works...

On the attachments, you can only currently attach one, in a future version there may be room for more...

$att_content_type is the content type of the attachment... For a PDF:
$att_content_type = "pdf";

should work... If it does not it may be a hosting problem...


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