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  Subject: Novice Forms emails not arriviing.
  Posted: 12/22/2006 at 2:49:33 am
  By: hp1

Hello Seth (and other experts),

I know Novice Forms is not strictly Biz Mail but figured that because novice forms is a more basic version of BiZ Mail you would have no probelms deciphering my small problem.

It seems to be a common one. Once I have submitted my (very simple, two tex boxes and a submit button) form i get the success page but nothing is arriving. I am using 'sendmail' and definitly have the path correct. I have also made sure I have the \ before the @ in the 'sendto' variable. I have been fiddling it for hours and am getting pretty frustrated because I know I am pretty close to getting it to work. THe URLs are in my account profile but I can post them again if need be.

Many thanks for ANY assistance.

Merry Christmas


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