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  Subject: cc_ copy email does not send!
  Posted: 01/27/2007 at 11:08:25 pm
  By: peuv

Hello Seth,

Thank you for the fixing the problems of bizmail. The big problems are now solved. That is great! But, I still have a small problem with CC email. In the old bizmail, my CC worked all right. I received my main email plus CC copy. But now with the updated bizmail, only the main email works.
$sendto{"1"} = "heangb\@travel-cambodia.com"; ----- this one work ----

<input type="hidden" name="cc_to" value="1"> "heangb\@hotmail.com"; ----- this one does not work-----

My hotmail email account is set up to receive this email from cc bizmail and has no problem with spam at all.

Do you have any idea?

Again, thank you for updating the bizmail.

  Subject: Re: cc_ copy email does not send!
  Posted: 01/30/2007 at 5:26:15 pm
  By: peuv

I am sorry the cc works now. I think the hotmail problem, not bizmail configuration.

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