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  Subject: Check Boxes & Radio buttons
  Posted: 11/07/2003 at 12:59:11 am
  By: loh


it was mentioned in a previous thread

Subject: Question on outputfile data
Posted: 06/02/2003 at 8:11:57 pm

that you'll be coming up with a solution to printing unchecked boxes and buttons.

Just wondering if its in V1.9 yet??


  Subject: Re: Check Boxes & Radio buttons
  Posted: 11/07/2003 at 7:57:52 am
  By: Seth Knorr

No not yet, still kind of thinking about what aproach to take at it.

Hopefully it will be in 2.0, which may be out in a month or two.

Or I may just apend it to the curent version and post it as 1.9.1


  Subject: Re: Check Boxes & Radio buttons
  Posted: 11/07/2003 at 8:08:36 am
  By: Seth Knorr

Actualy now that I think about this the easiest way to fix this problem is by using the "outputfile" hidden field for making sure that all data is added to the data file and "sort" to make sure all data in your form is emailed to you:

<input type="hidden" name="outputfile" value="field1,field2,field3,field4,etc">

<input type="hidden" name="sort" value="field1,field2,field3,field4,etc">

These fields should contain all data you want sent respectively.


  Subject: Re: Check Boxes & Radio buttons
  Posted: 11/18/2003 at 5:52:42 am
  By: Seth Knorr

Yes There is a fix to this problem. Since it is an Internet explorer/Netscape/ ... problem, the only fix for it is through the hidden field
<input type="hidden" name="outputfile" value="field1,field2,field3,etc..">

Just list all the fields that you want the form to collect data on, and it will make sure it treats each like a field. It is not pretty, but realy is the only solution to the problem.


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