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Download Biz Mail Form Free Version 3.1.1

The Free Version includes limited functionality compared to the other version. Download a more functional versions. or download the free Version, by filling in the form below.

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Biz Mail form has released a second version of its form processing script called Novice Forms, This is a free CGI Forms Processor script, that is purposed for fast form processing and easy setup for beginners.

Reasons to use this form processing script over Biz Mail Form.
  1. You don't need all the bells and whistles, just a secure form processing script to send form results to your email fast.
  2. You are new to CGI-PERL and need something that is quick and simple to setup.
Side Note: If you are a beginner and you still need all of the functionality that Biz Mail Form offers; you will want to check out the Novice Forms beginners page, which will give you basic information on Perl and CGI.

For more information on Novice Forms, form processing script visit the home page at www.noviceforms.com or you can go straight to the forms processor download page.

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