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"I have been looking for a script like yours for about a week and finally posted on a message board in the right place for someone to come across it and recommend to me BizMailForm. I was a bit skeptical that it would work, as I have had a bit of difficulty finding a script to do what yours does. The best part is all the step-by-step instruction that you provide along the way, for those of us who know just enough to be a bit dangerous, but not enough to be really good on the programming side of things. I didn't have to have a thorough understanding of Perl or CGI to make your scripts work, and that was exactly what I needed. Thank-you!!!

On a side note, I almost spent $199 for a site license and support for another script, because I couldn't figure out what else to do. This site is supposed to be up by Tuesday with a fully functioning data collection system, and I was desperate.

Thank-you for the help"!

Jonathan Kraft

"BizMail Form is an excellent script and one of the best we have used. Perfect for simple form-to-mail or to enable other features for specific marketing purposes".

UWD Dev Team

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