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Download Biz Mail Form, Form Processing Script Version 3.1.1

Payments are accepted through PayPal. After successful completion you will be emailed a username and password to download the script.

If you have already recieved a username and password you can download versions Lite, Premium, Elite.

To run this script you must be able to run CGI/Perl scripts. If your host does not support CGI/Perl, don't purchase this script.

Versions Free Lite Premium Elite
Cost Free $10.00 USD $25.00 USD $35.00 USD
Time Zone Offset     X X
SMTP & Sendmail Support X X X X
Personalization Tags
Predefined System     X X
Global Personalization Tags   X X X
Sending of Form Reults to Email
Form Results Email X X X X
Custom Results Email     X X
Send Results to a Cell Phone     X X
BCC To & Unlimited Form Result Recipients  X X X
Print Blank Fields   X X X
Order Results   X X X
Writing Submissions to a Database
Flat File (CSV, Text, Tab, Pipe, etc… )  X X X
MYSQL       X
Delete Duplicates   X X X
Auto Response Email Sent to Form Poster
Sending of Auto Response   X X X
Attachments     X X
Sending of Plain Text Auto Response   X X X
Sending of HTML Auto Response     X X
Success Pages
Personalized     X X
MySQL Driven       X
Default X X X X
Error Pages
Default   X X X
Templated   X X X
Spam & Abuse Prevention X X X X
IP Address Ban List     X X
Prevent Submission Flooding     X X
Support and Instructions
Easy To Follow Instructions X X X X
Example Script Files X X X X

This is a one time Licensing fee.
(This fee will also give you access to future updates for no additional charge.)

  Lite   $10.00 USD
  Premium   $25.00 USD
  Elite   $35.00 USD

To download the free version click here. (limited functionality)

If you did not receive the confirmation email after purchase Click Here to contact us.

Copyright 2000-2010 Seth M. Knorr,
BizMailForm.com Forms Processor, All Rights Reserved