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  Subject: can't get results into a file
  Posted: 01/14/2004 at 6:55:23 am
  By: Elliott

could you please help?

I run a intranet site and I have created a form that allows employees to submitt their timesheets online.

I have tried using and customising your programme but each time I click submit on the form I get the message that the results have been sent sucessfully, but where to? I've got no email replys and the datafile remains blank.

After reading the other messages on here I have checked that the directory and files have permissions for everyone to read, write etc and I'm running on a windows server.

Any advice would be most welcome, Thanks.

  Subject: Re: can't get results into a file
  Posted: 01/14/2004 at 10:29:42 am
  By: Seth Knorr

I will look into and get you a better answer but the first place you want to check is the permissions.

You have to contact your web hosting company or systems administrator, about how to set permissions of files. the bizmail.dat file needs to be set to 777. If not it will not successfully write data.

Secondly did you download the windows version of the script?


  Subject: Re: can't get results into a file
  Posted: 01/14/2004 at 11:51:11 pm
  By: Elliott

Thanks for your response.

Firstly I don't have a web hosting company this is an internal Intranet and therefore the server is in our own building. Unfortunaly due to lack of knowledge in my IT department I'm not sure they will know what to do. How do you set permissions to 777 on a windows server?

I believe that I did download the windows versions as the file names end in .pl and not .cgi.

Thanks again.

  Subject: Re: can't get results into a file
  Posted: 01/20/2004 at 6:16:57 am
  By: Seth Knorr


Visit the actual server computer (i.e., be sitting in front of it, logged in). Alternately, you can contact somebody who has local access and ask them to take these steps for you.

Select the file or folder to be made writable. Right-click, choose Properties, then Security. Customize all permissions.

An equivalent method is to open a command prompt, navigate to the file or folder, and use the "calcs" command-line tool to manipulate permissions. Both "calcs" and the Security tab are equivalent interfaces to the same underlying functionality.

You can also wrap a set of "calcs" commands in a batch file and run the batch file. This is useful if you are giving instructions for someone else to carry out. Just create a pre-programmed bat file and ask them to run it. All of our programs come with a pre-programmed "setperms.bat" file.



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