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  Subject: General setup questions
  Posted: 07/01/2004 at 6:12:53 am
  By: Monkey

Hi Seth,
I have started adjusting the bizmail form script and have some general questions about the script:
1. If I chose not to have an autoresponder (or datafile, or validation or anything optional) at all, do I just delete that part of the script or just leave it alone?
2. What format will the email sent to me be in (will it be a part of the visible message or will I have to open an attachment). I am kind of looking for a script that will be visible and legible when I get it. I could find no examples of a finished script to see.
3. If I have 3 forms, would they be bizmail1.cgi, bizmail2.cgi and bizmail3.cgi?
Thanks so much.

  Subject: Re: General setup questions
  Posted: 07/01/2004 at 7:20:56 am
  By: Seth Knorr

1. Firstly it is not recommended you delete any code on the script. With that said, the answer is no, if you are not using a certain functionality then you just turn it off or leave it out of the form (dependant on the function). This is explained in the readme.txt file in the downloadable zip file.

2. Email sent back to you that contain the form data, will be in plain text and will contain all fields on the form and what was inserted in those fields. Unless you specify what information you want to recieve by using the sort function.

3. The form is very versatile. so no you do not need to run three seperate instances of the same script. The script is setup so that you can configure how you want the script to run by hidden form fields.


  Subject: Re: General setup questions
  Posted: 07/01/2004 at 9:01:45 am
  By: Monkey

Hi Seth, and thanks for responding promptly to my inquiries.
Are the form field submissions in an attachment to the email or part of the message that you view in the preview pane?

  Subject: Re: General setup questions
  Posted: 07/01/2004 at 9:49:28 am
  By: Seth Knorr

The "form field submissions" are part of the actual email or "preview pane".


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