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  Subject: invalid send to or cc email
  Posted: 08/29/2004 at 10:21:38 am
  By: pablo

I am working with a version 1.3 bizmail in a mac platfaform. I can point to the script via the url and get to your welcome page (free download). When I submitt my form I get a window with the message:
" Invalid send to or cc to email.
If you are the administrator, edit the @okemails in the bizmail.cgi script or turn this feature off. "
I have turned this feature off but I still get the same reocurring message. I am no sure why. Do you have any ideas what might be cuasing this behavior.
form: pabloserrano.com/contact/bizmail.html

thanks for a great script. I was able tu make it run before. Pablo

  Subject: Re: invalid send to or cc email
  Posted: 08/29/2004 at 2:58:53 pm
  By: pablo

Seath, I worked out the issued
" invalid send to or cc email"
I had made a typing mistake in the script.
the $send_to = mail\@yourdomain.com in the script did not match the form filed: <input name="sendto" type=hidden>
I added the underscore _ synbol and that fixed the problem. best Pablo

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