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  Subject: Both email and cell receive same message
  Posted: 05/19/2007 at 11:38:38 am
  By: beleza8

I have read the READ ME probably 20 plus times and understand that you can set the email to receive all the form results and the cell phone to receive selected results.

I have been trying to do this for two weeks and finally have it to get the selected results on my phone, but it appears that way on my email too.

I have the email results set to receive custom.mes and the cell phone results to receive cell.mes; however, I receive results on both the email and phone from the custom.mes. I know this as I have the two files with different settings; custom.mes - all fields and cell.mes with only the name, phone & email.

I have this set in the bizmail.cgi file and on my html per the READ ME, but the message to my cell phone is NOT picking up the cell.mes that is on the bizmail.cgi settings and for some reason picks up my custom.mes results that go to my email.

I know I have this set correctly as I have read the READ ME so many times.

MY EMAIL IS in the #1 send to field and MY CELL is in the #2 send to field.

Here is my code:
#----- S E N D E M A I L R E S U L T S T O Y O U R E M A I L -----#

## set $send_email_results = "2"; to not send form results to your email ##
## (DEFAULT) set $send_email_results = "1"; to send form results to your email ##

$send_email_results = "1";

#----- S E N D C U S T O M E M A I L R E S U L T S F I L E -----#

## $SEND_custom_result = "1"; ## ON
## $SEND_custom_result = "2"; ## OFF

$SEND_custom_result = "1";

$CUSTOM_mes_plain{"1"} = "custom.mes";
$CUSTOM_mes_plain{"2"} = "";
$CUSTOM_mes_plain{"3"} = "";

$CUSTOM_mes_html{"1"} = "custom.mes";
$CUSTOM_mes_html{"2"} = "";
$CUSTOM_mes_html{"3"} = "";

#----- S E N D E M A I L R E S U L T S T O C E L L P H O N E -----#

$CELL_mesfile{"1"} = "cell.mes";
$CELL_mesfile{"2"} = "cell.mes";
$CELL_mesfile{"3"} = "";

Does anyone have an idea why the file says to pull different messages, but I get only the custom.mes to both?

  Subject: Re: Both email and cell receive same message
  Posted: 05/21/2007 at 9:20:12 pm
  By: Seth Knorr

You are saying the results file is the same for the Cell Message file as for the Plain message file?


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